1) Will the Captain and crew provide a relaxed, professional atmosphere for novices and experts alike?

All Captains are concerned about their reputation – and they should be. Why – your catch today attracts tomorrow's crowd! However, this can create a stressful environment for beginners who are not accustomed to fishing every day.

Rest assured - we will ensure you catch fish and we won't yell at you while you're doing it! You don't work for us, WE work for YOU. We provide clear instructions to you and your party, BEFORE your lines go in the water, regarding the bait, lures, tackle and techniques we'll use to catch you fish.

2) Will the Captain do as promised?

If you have a targeted species or area you expect to fish, will the Captain change the plan at the last minute to save on time or fuel? You should confirm "the plan" before your trip AND at time of departure.

It is very common for tides and unexpected weather to change sea conditions in areas where you may plan to fish. However, even when there are circumstances beyond the Captain's and your control, you should know about it.

There should be no secrets, surprises or last minute game changes. We understand that you work hard and you look forward to having a great experience. We are committed to meeting your expectations and we will not cut corners. It's YOUR charter and it's OUR GUARANTEE.

3) How to avoid sea sickness.

Use this simple and effective 3 step process:

  • Step 1 (critical): Get plenty of rest – at least 6-8 hours.
  • Step 2: Forget taking ginger, forget "the patch," forget the wristband, and forget the hard alcohol.
  • Step 3: Take 1 motion sickness pill the night before at bedtime and 1 in the morning about 1 hour prior to departure.  Be sure to consult your physician prior to taking any medications.

Remember, we don't want you to CHUM – we'll take care of that - you focus on catching the fish!

4) Don't be taken for a "ride" when you came to fish!

There are days when conditions are safe and "fishable," but not necessarily comfortable. Most captains do not to take passengers out during Gale Force (sustained 35KT winds) conditions. However, that doesn't mean that if the winds are blowing 30 mph that it will be "comfortable."

Try to get an idea as to what conditions will cause the Captain to reschedule due to weather. All too often, passengers are knowingly taken out in rough weather, only to turn "Green" and beg to return to the dock – and pay full fare!

All good Captains check the weather in advance and should have an idea of what to expect. We want to ensure not only your safety, but also your comfort. The Fin Chaser is a strong, well-built fishing vessel, but we're here to put you on the fish, not take you for a "ride."

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